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Healthy Exercises for a Fit Body

A fit body is a dream of every person. This is because a fit body means that it is healthy too. Fitness will make sure that you are free from diseases which affect the body due to lifestyle issues. These may be related to the type of food you eat which eventually lead to fat build up within your body.

If your body lacks exercise, it means that it is purely inactive and this is the beginning of problems. By being active, you can avoid diseases like diabetes and obesity. You don’t have to go to the gym to do exercises. You can always do health and fitness exercises which will keep your body fit and healthy. Some of the best healthy exercises that you can do are discussed below.


walking for fitnessWalking has been seen by many as a normal thing which has no impact on your body fitness. However, this is a very wrong notion. A big percentage of people nowadays have private vehicles, which has made them walk for only very few instances. The majority use their personal cars to go work, park them near their offices and use the lift. This is a hazardous practice. Always endeavor to walk several miles every day since that way you will be exercising your body and keeping fit.


This is another very healthy exercise that one can do to keep fit. Squats are very easy to do, and this makes it a very desirable exercise to be done by anybody. It can be done indoors and requires very little space. They are perfect calories burners since they involve exercising the largest group of muscles in the body.

Squatting involves a down and up the motion of your body. You can start practicing by seating and getting up from a chair and eventually do them without the chair. At advanced levels, you can squat when holding a dumbbell to strengthen both your hands and legs.


This is also a very healthy exercise that you can use to keep fit. Many people view swimming as an activity of enjoying themselves and they fail to acknowledge its importance in maintaining their fitness. Swimming has been proved to be an excellent workout since it exercises almost all parts of your body. Research has also shown that swimming has a more significant contribution to improving mental fitness.

Push- up exercises

pushupsIn addition to the above exercises, push up exercise, is also another very healthy exercise that one can do. It requires very little space and can be done indoors even when one is alone. It strengthens the upper body including the shoulders, arms chest and the abdominal muscles. Stretch your body with your hands and arms touching the ground and your body suspended. Move down and up systematically and repeat several times.


Another healthy exercise is skipping exercise. This is one of the simplest exercises that anyone can do. It can be done indoors, and when it is done properly and regularly, it aids in exercising almost all parts of the body. All you need is buy a rope and do the exercise as you time yourself. This exercise can be done together with others like jumps to gain maximally.

These five exercises are among the easiest and the best that one can do anywhere. It is always important to note that inactive body is the home to diseases. Endeavor to keep fit, and you will always stay away from diseases.